Why are we at the Lodge?

Some of you may be wondering why the Missouri Christian Convention has changed venues. The answer is simple- our contract had run its course. The convention planning committee signs contracts with convention venues for given lengths of time- sometimes for one year, sometimes for multiple years. Our contract with Tan-Tar-A had ended. If you look at the page in this booklet with historical data, you will note that being in one place for as many years is quite the anomaly. We usually move around much more.

Lodge of Four Seasons is already showing themselves to be a great convention venue. While every convention location has its own set of challenges, the Lodge personnel have all been exceedingly competent and eager to help. They have not only given us a great convention rate (helping us ensure the stability and future of the Missouri Christian Convention), but they have also gone above and beyond the call of duty in the planning phase for this convention. Please be gracious and complimentary to the staff you encounter, they have been great thus far and they deserve thanks and praise.

We understand that changes of venues can bring their own difficulties as things move around and we learn new facilities. Please bear with us graciously; we will be with the Lodge for a few years and we will continually improve, just as we did at other facilities. In the meantime, we’re glad you’re here with us and we hope and pray you will be encouraged and strengthened here with us at the Lodge of Four Seasons.